Looking for professional door supervision for your licensed premises?

Here at I & M Security, we pride ourselves on helping you (the client) improve the customer experience of your venue. The right door supervision teams can really add to the experience for your clientele and this is something we really work to achieve. We take pride in offering a door supervision service that is second to none. Our door supervisors are smart, polite and approachable. If an incident occurs at your venue you’ll know that your business, your employees and those customers within your premises are safe and secure from any danger or violence.

Unlike other security businesses, we will give you door supervisors that are suited to your business and brand. If you need door supervision every weekend we will do our best to give you the same door supervisors every week. Our door supervisors become part of your business. You won’t need to show the door supervisors around each time, because they will know your business and what is required of them, every single shift.

We know that every business is different, as is every brand. We have some excellent door supervisors with many years experience. When you call us with a need for door supervisors at your premises we will make sure your door supervisor matches your premises and brand. Our door supervisors are not the people with their arms folded scaring clientele away. Our door supervision staff members are the friendly welcome to your premises and the extra level of security you need. They are part of your customers’ experience.

Our door supervisors in Peterborough are trained further than any other door supervisors in Peterborough and surrounding areas. Our door supervisors are SIA qualified and First Aid trained as standard. They are also trained in counter terrorism, to protect your licensed premises in all circumstances and situations.

If you’re looking for professional door supervision for your licensed premises then we have the qualified and experienced door supervisors for you. Here at I & M Security we currently supply licensed premises across Peterborough and surrounding areas with professional door supervision. 

If you require door supervision for your licensed premises in Peterborough, or surrounding areas – please contact our team now.