With over 50 years experience in event security, door supervision and business security we are extremely well placed to complete your asset based security assessment

This is a process that we have been using across the globe at over 30 different sites. Our free security assessment will allow you to see where money can be saved on your existing manned and physical security that you have in place. It will also show you where security can be improved.

Having a free security assessment is an excellent way to evaluate and overview your existing security solutions. While the saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” – what if it could be improved to offer you, your employees and your business a cost saving, extra safety, security and protection?

During our free security assessment in Peterborough we will review all aspects of your security program. We will look for opportunities where you can save money. We will also consider ways in which your security operations could be made more effective.

Our asset based security assessment is constantly evolving. As we help more and more businesses improve their security, we learn new things. We also find that new security technology is introduced all the time; this means we can offer more security solutions to your business.

It is a completely free security assessment for businesses in Peterborough, there is no obligation to hire further security services from I & M Security. We are just offering recommend changes and money saving tips for the security of your business and assets.

If you would like a free, no obligation security assessment for your business; please contact us now. We will book in your security assessment for a time that suits you and arrange a follow up meeting to discuss our findings and recommendations.

We look forward to completing your free security review in Peterborough soon.