As per the recent announcement by Boris Johnson and the government, the UK is in lock down. This means that many of us are now forced to work from home. But, what does that mean for our businesses? Is the coronavirus lock down the perfect opportunity for potential thieves and criminals to steal from or vandalise your business?

This is a worrying thought for many business owners, but help is at hand!

Here at I & M Security we offer a wide range of security solutions to ensure your business is secure during coronavirus lock down. We have listed some of these security services below for you;

  • Manned Guarding

Our manned guarding service means that you will have a security guard within your business when you have no or minimal employees working in your office. This will work as an excellent deterrent for potential criminals and means that your business is protected, day and night if you choose.

  • Lock / Unlock Service

If your key holder comes down with coronavirus or needs to self-isolate how will the rest of your team gain access to the building? By using our lock and unlock service we can be your key holder on a temporary or permanent basis, ensuring only the right people have access to your business.

  • Security Patrolling

We have a team of security patrollers that can drive to and around your business at random times of the day. Our security patrolling service can be completed any chosen amount of times through the day and night. The visibility of our security patrols will deter potential criminals and our patrol teams will ensure your business is safe and secure during their visits.

These are just some of the many ways we can help ensure that your business is secure during the coronavirus lock down in Peterborough. All of our services are available on a short-term basis while your business is on lock down, or for the longer term if you would prefer.

While our office is closed during this time, our team are still contactable on the details above.