We offer a lock and unlock service in Peterborough

How many key holders do you have in your business? Does everyone have keys to your office? In which case, can you be sure that access to your business is also safe? Perhaps only one person has the key; what happens when they are on holiday? Sick, or unable to attend due to another reason?

We offer a lock and unlock service in Peterborough. This means that we become key holders for your business premises. This service ensures that your business premises are kept secure while employees are kept safe. This service protects against lay-in-wait burglaries and ensures efficiency and on a lesser level – acts as a visual deterrent. It doesn’t really keep a site secure.

If you only have one key holder and they are off sick or have to take emergency leave, how do your other employees gain access to the building? While they are stuck outside the phones are ringing. Your customers are desperate to get hold of you, but there is nothing your employees can do. Do you send a colleague to collect the keys from the key holder or do all your staff members work from home for the day?

Our lock and unlock service means that we can let your staff in at the start of the day and lock up at the end of the day for you. When skeleton staff members are working late into the night, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that we will look after them for you. 

With our lock and unlock service in Peterborough you will know that the security of your building is increased and the number of employees with a key can be reduced. If employees leave under bad circumstances, there is no worry about the return of the key or copes being made. We will be your key holders.

As well and unlocking and locking your business for staff members to gain access; there are other benefits to our lock and unlock service in Peterborough. For example, we can set and unset alarms for you and temporarily cover key holder staff sickness or holidays, patrol your premises. We can give your employees access to the building outside working hours, check doors and windows are secured, and so much more.

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