Do you want to keep your business premises safe, but want a cheaper alternative to security guarding?

Then our security patrolling service is for you. This is an ideal service for long or short-term vacant buildings or businesses after closing time, or at weekends. We offer security patrolling which is recorded electronically with an RFID scanner, for your peace of mind and business security.

Our security patrols offer a complete level of protection and security for your business or premises when you think nobody is there. Our security patrolling services can also be used for neighbourhoods, industrial estates or construction sites, for example.

One of the biggest benefits of security patrolling is that it is a proven deterrent against potential criminal activities. In many cases random police patrols are not regular enough due to police cuts. However our security patrolling means we can visit your premises as many times as you want per day or night. We will visit at different times and in different vehicles. Our main aim when security patrolling in Peterborough is to deter potential criminals.

Our security patrol teams can complete scheduled and covert patrols. They can complete property checks for your business premises and perimeter checks of your business premises. We can also place stationary officers and vehicles in high-risk locations as and when required. Whatever levels of security your business requires; we have the security team to support you.

Our mobile security patrol team are trained to not only identify, but also react instantly to signs of attempted entry or threat to your business premises. We have a strong working relationship with law enforcement and are able to quickly seek their support as and when this may be required. 

Due to our vast experience in security patrolling in Peterborough and the highly skilled security personnel we have available, our clients feel confident that their business or vacant premises is safe and secure when they use I & M Security for their security patrolling needs.

To find out more about how our security patrols can help protect your business, call our team today. We will create the best security solution for your business needs.